Corrina Buchan

Corrina Buchan


Originally from Glasgow, Corrina is an actor, theatre-maker and 2019 graduate from ALRA. 

Corrina worked with Wayward Productions and Complicité on the research and development process for the stage adaptation of author Phillip Pullman's THE BOOK OF DUST for The Bridge Theatre. 

Theatre credits include: DRAC & JILL (Wardrobe Theatre), SAM WANAMAKER FESTIVAL 2019 (Shakespeare’s Globe), TRACING GRACE (West Yorkshire Playhouse, Theatre 503), S A F A R I (North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford), CATALYST: ALCHYMY FESTIVAL 2019 (North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford) MYCORRHIZA (Space Arts Centre) BAT BOY THE MUSICAL (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow) and GODSPELL (Citizens Theatre, Glasgow).

“Buchan skilfully lets us know that beneath her thick-skinned, nervy brashness is a soul that is truly hurting. Buchan’s performance is polished and believable” - SPY IN THE STALLS

"Buchan stands out, partly through her mastery of an amazing range of accents, and also because her uninhibited and flamboyant portrayal of priapic Dracula makes Rocky Horror’s Frank-N-Furter look positively dowdy." - BRISTOL 24/7

"The stand out is Dracula, played by a devilish Corrina Buchan, leering about the audience with insuppressible lust." - THE FIX