Dr Anand Patel

Dr Anand Patel


Anand is a GP specialising in sexual health problems in men and women of all ages. With two teaching qualifications under his belt, he provides education and tools to health care professionals helping them talk about sex and relationships comfortably with patients of all ages - removing any embarrassment and breaking down barriers on anything you want to talk about. 

In his old life as a school teacher on the South Coast, Anand was Head of Health Education helping teens and young adults sift the facts from the nonsense in an engaging and humorous way.

Anand was one of the first doctors in the UK to gain a European-wide accreditation in Sexual Medicine, trying to bring evidence-based practice to a fast developing field.

Anand is a regular contributor to NetDoctor and a resident doctor on ITV’s Jeremy Kyle: Emergency Room, providing vital advice.

It's not all about sex however! As a GP there’s nothing you can’t talk to Anand about that he’s not seen before.

He also has a huge love of fashion and a shopping habit that’s out of hand. Blame Mr Porter and Matches Fashion!

Anand's favourite TV programme is RuPaul's Drag Race, he has been a Vegaterian for 30 years, he loves religious art and can play a mean game of Table Tennis!