Fraser Ayres

Fraser Ayres


Fraser is an award winning actor/writer/director as well as CEO and founder of The TriForce Creative Network; an organisation set up in 2003, with a core ethos of ‘inclusivity’ that promotes equal opportunities in the entertainment industry.

‘Inclusion and access aren’t merely political aims- they should be the cornerstones of not only our creative industry, but core to our societal responsibility- If you include everybody, you don’t need to exclude anyone.’

His creative career highlights include being named The Guardian’s “Top Performer”, Time Out Best Performer, several The Stage Best actor nominations and starring in The Smoking Room, Midsomer Murders, BBC America’s Undercover and NBC’s international Miniseries, AD. Movies include Patrice Chereau’s Intimacy, Alex Cox’s Revengers Tragedy & Noel Clarke’s AdultHood, as well as his directorial debut Ambition to Livereceiving the  Audience Choice Award at the London Film Network Awards.

Fraser writes for BBC dramas and is currently writing Idris Elba’s In the long run for Sky, alongside several commissions, and is also Executive Producer for TriForce Productions, who created ‘Sorry, I Didn’t Know’- an all-inclusive, comedy panel show, focusing on Black History.

In 2018, Fraser co-founded, an industry-facing, one-stop service that delivers diverse and inclusive talent directly to production companies, broadcasters and content creators.

In his spare moments, Fraser studies “books that he really shouldn’t”, plays with Lego and also teaches a variety of 1 to 1 subjects including: Yoga, Reiki, Meditation and Mindful Breathing, and many other weird and wonderful courses. 

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